We discover new catalysts for a sustainable future

Developing new technologies that responsibly and sustainably utilize conventional and emergent feedstocks is critical to meet the energy needs of the future. Our group uses computer modeling to identify new materials and understand how they can be engineered to address these pressing issues. Nanoporous solids are one type of material that we are interested in because of their enormous potential as efficient catalysts. The intrinsic complexity and number of design parameters in these materials make it necessary to develop rules that guide practical implementation.

                         RECENT NEWS

August 2023 Roberto’s paper on polysulfide adsorption on MOFs for Li-S batteries is live on ChemRxiv!

July 2023 Mingze’s first co-authored paper was published as a collaboration with Dr. Yayuan Liu’s group.

June 2023 Both Dr. Bukowski and Dr. Gupta gave talks, and Pranav presented  a poster at the North American Meeting of the North American Catalysis Society in Providence RI.

May 2023 Congratulations to Geet and Pranav for receiving travel grants to attend the North American Meeting of the North American Catalysis Society in Providence RI!

May 2023 Congratulations to Josh for receiving an Elnora Muly award to support his research of lithium-sulfur batteries! [link to ChemBE news release]  

May 2023 Congratulations to our first MS graduates Yanqi, Roberto, Jason, and Kean! Yanqi will be staying with the group to do her Ph.D.

March 2023 Dr. Bukowski gives an invited talk at the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society in Indianapolis, IN.

March 2023 Jackson will join Dr. Raj Gounder’s lab as an REU student the CISTAR ERC at Purdue University!

June 2022 Dr. Bukowski receives the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award  [link to ChemBE news release]


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