We discover new catalysts for a sustainable future.

Developing new technologies that responsibly and sustainably utilize conventional and emergent feedstocks is critical to meet the energy needs of the future. Our group uses computer modeling to identify new materials and understand how they can be engineered to address these pressing issues. Nanoporous solids are one type of material that we are interested in because of their enormous potential as efficient catalysts. The intrinsic complexity and number of design parameters in these materials make it necessary to develop rules that guide practical implementation.

                         RECENT NEWS

June 2022 Dr. Bukowski receives the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award https://engineering.jhu.edu/chembe/news/brandon-bukowski-receives-ralph-e-powe-junior-faculty-enhancement-award/ 

May 2022 Congratulations to Joshua Zhou for winning a Life Design Lab grant to help support him over the summer!

Apr. 2022 Dr. Bukowski publishes his 20th journal article!

Apr. 2022 Dr. Geet Gupta joins the Bukowski group as a Post-doc! Dr. Gupta got his Ph.D. with Professor Luke Roling at Iowa State University.  

Mar. 2022 Congratulations to Jason Zhang, (BS/MS student co-advised between the Bukowski and McQueen groups) on winning the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) from JHU! https://engineering.jhu.edu/chembe/news/summer-pura-award-congratulations-to-xin-jason-zhang/.

Mar. 2022 Dr. Bukowski speaks at the ACS Spring meeting and presides over a session on General Catalysis.



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[19] Rapid quantification of mass transfer barriers in metal-organic frameworks crystals, F.A. Son, B.C. Bukowski, T. Islamoglu, R.Q. Snurr, O.K. Farha, Chemistry of Materials, 2021. 

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